1. At Night
2. Floating Dogs
3. Quiet Alone
4. Close Up
5. Slow Water
6. Dressing The Wound
7. Birdy's Flight
8. Slow Marimbas
9. The Heat
10. Sketch Pad With Trumpet And Voice
11. Under Lock And Key
12. Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain

Birdy – Music from the film by Peter Gabriel (1985)

Gabriel's first film score came in the form of the soundtrack to Alan Parker's 1984 psychological drama, Birdy. The film follows two friends who have returned from the Vietnam War, both scarred in different ways; one has physical injuries, the other mental – and is sent to a mental hospital, believing he really is a bird.

The premise of the movie was typically Gabrielesque, focussing on the themes of isolation and insanity that were present in many of Gabriel's early tracks on his third and fourth albums.

The instrumentation of Gabriel's music had always been as important as the vocals or lyrics, and with Birdy, Gabriel finally had the opportunity to explore this aspect further. Therefore It comes as no surprise that several of Gabriel's previous album tracks have been unravelled here and reworked to form the basis of the music, alongside original compositions. Instrumental versions of known Gabriel tracks present on Birdy, include "Not One Of Us", "Family Snapshot", "The Rhythm of the Heat", "San Jacinto" and "Wallflower".

The result is a haunting and atmospheric piece of work, and though while short, extremely thought-provoking and enjoyable.