Disc 1 (Hit)
1. Solsbury Hill
2. Shock the Monkey
3. Sledgehammer
4. Don't Give up
5. Games Without Frontiers
6. Big Time
7. Burn You Up, Burn You Down
9. Growing Up
10. Digging In The Dirt
11. Blood Of Eden
12. More Than This
13. Biko
14. Steam
15. Red Rain
16. Here Comes the Flood

Disc 2 (Miss)
1. San Jacinto
2. No Self-Control
3. Cloudless
4. The Rhythm Of The Heat
5. I Have The Touch
6. I Grieve
7. D.I.Y.
8. A Different Drum
9. The Drop
10. The Tower That Ate People
11. Lovetown
12. Father, Son
13. Signal To Noise
14. Downside Up (Live)
15. Washing of the Water

Singles from Hit:

Hit (2003)

Hit is a 2-disc compilation, which Gabriel has described as an ideal introduction to his music.

The first disc, Hit contains Gabriel's most successful singles and better-known material, whilst the humorously-titled Miss disc, contains various album tracks, movie soundtrack contributions and songs that perhaps didn’t get the exposure they deserved at the time.

Highlights include the Tom Lord-Alge single mix of "Growing Up", the non-album 1993 single "Lovetown", an alternative version of "The Tower that Ate People" from Ovo, an excellent remix of "I Have the Touch" from Robbie Robertson, and the brilliant, funky "Burn You Up Burn You Down" – a track dropped from the Up album at the last minute, appearing here instead and subsequently released as a single to promote the album.

Hit isn't a straight update to the Shaking the Tree compilation. On first listening, it may seem a little odd hearing this selection of songs without the likes of "Mercy Street", "Family Snapshot", or even "I Don’t Remember" present. But that said, it is not simply a collection of singles. However, the Miss disc would have benefited from much more of Gabriel’s film soundtrack work, such as "Party Man" or "Animal Nation". It could have also been a great opportunity to release some of the now-rare b-sides previously unavailable on CD, and the unreleased rarities and demos that fans have yearned for, for years, but obviously this was never meant to be.

It had been over a decade since Shaking the Tree, so a new, definitive “best of” was clearly due, and Hit surely does the business. The remastered songs sound better than ever, resulting in a wide ranging collection of tracks from Gabriel's long and varied solo career.