1. On The Air
2. D.I.Y.
3. Mother Of Violence
4. A Wonderful Day In A
One-Way World
5. White Shadow
6. Indigo
7. Animal Magic
8. Exposure
9. Flotsam And Jetsam
10. Perspective
11. Home Sweet Home

Singles from Peter Gabriel [2]:

Peter Gabriel (1978)

Peter Gabriel's second album was recorded quickly in the Spring of 1978 with King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp. The sound and style changed completely in comparison to his debut, making a slightly more accessible pop record – although did little commercially. The catchy "D.I.Y" was released as a single.

Overall, Peter Gabriel [2] is a downbeat, moody album, although it does have several overlooked Gabriel classics, such as "White Shadow", "Mother of Violence", D.I.Y, "Exposure" and "Indigo" – the album’s most moving and emotional track. "Flotsam and Jetsam" offers a slightly Beatles sounding song, and "On the Air" is the perfect opening track for the album, and introduces the character of Mozo,a shady figure, living out of a makeshift junkyard cabin by a river, from where he is transmitting his own underground radio station.

This album boasts one of Gabriel’s most distinctive sleeve designs, showing a monotone photograph of Gabriel, tearing his fingers down the cover itself. To achieve the ripping effect, design company Hipgnosis simply laid several strips of torn paper over the photograph – and the result was something simple, haunting and certainly memorable. However that very front cover was verging on being more memorable than the music within it.

Gabriel will be the first to admit that the recording of his second album was rushed. As a result, while there is some superb Gabriel songwriting on here, the album is let down by its muddy, flat production. However, despite the lack of commercial appeal, the album went on to become many fans’ favourite.