Disc 1
1. The Rhythm of the Heat
2. I Have the Touch
3. Not One Of Us
4. Family Snapshot
5. D.I.Y
6. The Family and the Fishing Net
7. Intruder
8. I Go Swimming

Disc 2
1. San Jacinto
2. Solsbury Hill
3. No Self Control
4. I Don't Remember
5. Shock the Monkey
6. Humdrum
7. On the Air
8. Biko

Singles from Plays Live:

Peter Gabriel Plays Live (1983)

Released in 1983, Plays Live was recorded over four shows in the American leg of Gabriel’s 1982 tour.The 16-track setlist comprises singles and album tracks from Peter’s first four solo albums.

The sparse band sound is remarkably effective and Gabriel’s performance is full of energy throughout and his vocals rich and emotionally charged. The album has an atmospheric live sound and energy, perfectly capturing Gabriel’s passion and musical spirit from that era.

Plays Live captures a real sense of excitement and energy - right down to the guy in the crowd who shouts "What's next?" just before "Not One of Us". A new song, originally planed for Gabriel's fourth album, was played on the tour – "I Go Swimming", which eventually saw release as an instrumental b-side under the title "Ga Ga".

The tour saw Gabriel wearing full make-up throughout the show, inspired by the "monkeyman" character from the "Shock the Monkey" video. A cropped but striking close-up of Peter’s face in full make-up, taken by photographer Armando Gallo became the album cover.