1. Solsbury Hill
2. I Don't Remember
3. Sledgehammer
4. Family Snapshot
5. Mercy Street
6. Shaking The Tree
7. Don't Give Up
8. San Jacinto
9. Here Comes The Flood
10. Red Rain
11. Games Without Frontiers
12. Shock The Monkey
13. I Have THe Touch
14. Big Time
15. Zaar
16. Biko

Shaking the Tree - Sixteen Golden Greats (1990)

It was only logical, that after the worldwide success of So and three subsequent tours, that Gabriel would take a musical hiatus, at what was clearly a milestone in his career. Released in 1990, Shaking the Tree brings together Gabriel's most significant single releases. as well as an excellent 1985 remix of "I Have the Touch" and a moving piano/vocal version of "Here Comes the Flood".

It is worth noting that not all of the single releases are present here – there's a distinctive lack of any material from Gabriel's second album, and only "Solsbury Hill" from his eponymous solo debut. However the 16 tracks that were selected for this compilation do best represent the sound and style of 1980s Gabriel, from his first top ten single "Games Without Frontiers" to the international smash hits "Sledgehammer" and "Don't Give Up", right up to the instrumental "Zaar" – a taster from his highly acclaimed Passion album.

In many ways, Shaking the Tree closes the first chapter in Peter Gabriel's musical career, as it would be several years before he would re-emerge with a new sound, and new releases would prove to be few and far between in the coming decade.

Shorter and perhaps more accessible than 2003's Hit compilation, Shaking the Tree, whilst now long outdated, still provides a fantastic and intriguing overview of the first decade of Gabriel's long solo career.