Disc 1
1. Come Talk To Me
2. Steam
3. Across the River
4. Slow Marimbas
5. Shaking the Tree
6. Red Rain
7. Blood of Eden
8. Kiss that Frog
9. Washing of the Water
10. Solsbury Hill

Disc 2
1. Digging in the Dirt
2. Sledgehammer
3. Secret World
4. Don't Give Up
5. In Youe Eyes

The Secret World Live EP

Secret World Live (1994)

Secret World Live was filmed and recorded over two nights in Modena, Italy, in November 1993. The setlist and band line up evolved throughout the tour, but song-wise, it focussed heavily on Us and the most popular tracks from the Shaking the Tree compilation.

The album captures the atmosphere and energy of the tour, each song met with raptures of applause from an ecstatic Italian audience. The sound is perhaps more polished and clean, compared to the rawness of Plays Live, but nonetherless Secret World Live is a wonderful recording of an exciting and innovative tour, which holds special memories for so many fans.

An EP was released to promote the release of the live recording, containing a live version of "San Jacinto" from the tour, omitted from the album, and a 1987 live version of "Mercy Street".