Peter Gabriel Us


1. Come Talk To Me
2. Love To Be Loved
3. Blood Of Eden
4. Steam
5. Only Us
6. Washing Of The Water
7. Digging In The Dirt
8. Fourteen Black Paintings
9. Kiss That Frog
10. Secret World

Singles from Us:

Peter Gabriel - Us

Us (1992)

Released in September 1992, Peter Gabriel described Us as “eclectic and deeply personal”.
Us is an album of deep emotion and self discovery, fusing elements of world music with contemporary rock. It is a very personal record for Gabriel, and an emotional journey through a fascinating soundscape – from the droning guitars and melodic bagpipes at the start of the "Come Talk to Me", you know this isn’t going to be like any other Peter Gabriel album.

Gabriel never intended to make another So, although traces of its success can be found throughout the album. There is a rawness and fragility to Gabriel's vocals throughout the album, with the singer sounding more open and vulnerable than ever before.

The song writing explores many unusual and experimental arrangements and styles, held together by the themes of relationships and communication. "Love to Be Loved" is a simple song with a clever lyric, but musically something quite unusual and beautiful. The upbeat and funky "Steam" was an obvious choice for a single, being the closest thing to a Sledgehammer-type song on the album. "Steam" was released as a single in January 1993, with Gabriel's most adventurous and innovative promotional video to date, utilising the best 3D computer-generated imagery around at the time. Likewise with the album's lead single, the dark, gritty rocker, "Digging in the Dirt" – a track which finds Gabriel exploring the darker side of his personality. The award-winning video for "Digging in the Dirt" saw Gabriel consumed by the earth, in a film combining animation and timelapse photography.

Ever the innovator, Gabriel's promo video for "Kiss that Frog" was used to launch the "Mind Blender" ride – which comprised a small theatre full of moving seats, designed to dance and move you with the film.

Sinéad O'Connor provides soulful backing vocals on "Come Talk To Me" and "Blood of Eden", adding a subtle feminine touch to the album. "Only Us" boasts some wonderful worldly atmospheres and mystical lyrics, along with Beatles-influenced vocals. The world influence continues on the short, semi-instrumental track, "Fourteen Black Paintings", the short but deeply moving "Washing of the Water" is a song that never fails to grab the emotions, while closing track "Secret World", ends the album on a high, with all the makings of a classic Gabriel track.

Us saw Peter Gabriel's return to the musical mainstream after several years out of the limelight. The album hit the UK top 10, with Gabriel picking up numerous awards along the way. It may be a difficult album to get into at first, but once you allow yourself inside the music, you are in for a very rewarding journey.