Peter Gabriel songs featured in movies

Peter Gabriel has also featured on many film soundtracks, often with songs specially written or recorded for the movie in question. These include:

Out Out - Gremlins (1984)

Walk Through the Fire - Against All Odds (1984)

Lovetown - Philadelphia (1994)
Performed live on the first leg of the 1993 Secret World Tour, and released as a single in 1994.

Taboo - Natural Born Killers (1994)

Party Man - Virtuosity (1995)

While The Earth Sleeps (with Deep Forest) - Strange Days (1995)

That'll Do - Babe: Pig in the City (1998)

I Grieve - City of Angels (1998)
An revised version of the song would later appear on the Up album.

Nocturnals - Les Morsures de l'aube (2001)

Animal Nation - The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2003).
Played live on the 2003 Growing Up tour.

The Book of Love - Shall We Dance (2004)

Down to Earth - Wall-E (2008)

Gabriel also composed the opening/closing theme tune to American TV series Brimstone in 1998.