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Growing Up Tour (2002-03), Still Growing Up Tour (2004)

In 2002, Gabriel embarked on his first tour since 1993’s “Secret World” tour. The “Growing Up” tour took Peter and the band, now including daughter Melanie, across Europe and America. The tour finished in the summer of 2003. However only a few months later he announced the “Still Growing Up” tour and summer festival dates for 2004.

The Growing Up tour took place on a central circular stage with below a mechanical descending tower, out of which a large "egg" would gradually emerge, and reveal the Zorb Ball. "Growing Up" was (as expected) the most entertaining highlight of the show - featuring Gabriel rolling round the stage in his giant Zorb ball. The theatrics continued throughout the show, with Gabriel performing whilst walking upside down, harnessed to the underside of the tower, during "Downside-Up", riding a bicycle during "Solsbury Hill", riding a scooter during "Games Without Frontiers" and parading around the stage in a jacket studded with bright lightbulbs for "Sledgehammer".

Gabriel’s timeless debut single, Solsbury Hill followed, featuring Peter singing whilst riding around the stage on a bicycle. Gabriel’s biggest hit, Sledgehammer followed, with the hilarious but impressive lightbulb-studded jacket.

Gabriel seemed more comfortable on stage and down to earth than he’s ever been, sounding and performing his best yet.

Growing Up Tour

Photographs taken by Lia Eastwood and John Harris.