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Playtime 1988 tour (1982)

Peter enjoyed naming his tours in a future tense - the Playtime 1988 Tour took place in 1982 (not unlike Gabriel's 1980 tour which went by the name of the Tour of China 1984...), in support of his fourth album.

The setlist was made up of songs from Peter’s first four albums, including "The Rhythm of the Heat", "Family Snapshot", "Not One of Us", "Intruder",
"I Don't Remember" and "I Have the Touch". Gabriel also played a new track, "I Go Swimming", which was eventually released as an instrumental b-side, called "Ga Ga". The Plays Live album was recorded from several dates of this tour.

That same year, Gabriel supported David Bowie on his Serious Moonlight Tour.

Playtime 1988 tour

Photographed in Berlin by Thomas Balink