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The Secret World Tour (1993)

In April 1993, Peter Gabriel embarked on his first world tour for over 4 years. The Secret World Tour would be Gabriel’s most adventurous and theatrical solo tour to date.

The stage set was unique; a circular stagesat in the centre of the auditorium and was connected by a moving catwalk to a square stage at the rear, overlooked by an enormous rotating screen, which would project close-ups of Gabriel or visuals during the performance. Above the round stage was a huge dome, that would eventually lower itself over the stage during “Secret World”.

Gabriel opened the set with “Come Talk To Me”, performed from inside a red British telephone box. Other props used in the show included a life-size tree (during “Shaking the Tree”) and a specially designed head-camera, used during “Digging in the Dirt” to capture unslghtly close-up shots of Gabriel’s eyes, nose and tonsils! Gabriel performed new song "Lovetown" on the early European dates, emerging from within the stage on a bed, in a motel room setting.

The setlist comprised mostly of songs from the Us album and Shaking the Tree compilation, such as the title track, "Solsbury Hill", "Biko" and of course, "Sledgehammer".

The tour was filmed for a live album and video release that November, but continued well into 1994, where Gabriel also appeared at the Glastonbury festival.

Secret World Live

Photos by Karin Woywod

Secret World Tour setlist